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Chairs - Adirondack

Currently not able to accept new orders. Please let me know if you'd like to be notified when future orders can be placed. 

Each Adirondack chair is hand-crafted using kiln-dried wood, finished using exterior paints or stains and topcoating, metal hardware throughout and plastic washers on all pivot points between bolts/nuts and wood to help maintain the integrity of the joint and further protect it from the elements. The chairs are foldable for easy storage. 35"Hx29"Wx31"D and 41"Hx29"Wx10"D when folded.
Finishes & Pricing

Base chair painted: $250 

Base chair with clear coat only: $250

Base chair with stain and clear coat: $300


Simple image painted on back (via paint or stain for a faux inlay appearance): Base + $50

The Chicken Chair and the Superman Chair would be an examples.


Image with sculpting involved (total amount less than 2 inch radius): Base + $50

The Skull Chair would be an example.


Image with sculpting involved (less than 12 square inches): Base + $100

Image with sculpting involved (anything over 12 square inches): Base + $150 or more depending on total amount of carving required

The Darth and Stormy chairs would be examples.


Shipping via FedEx is approximately $125 per chair and subject to change.



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